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Upcoming Shows
We may or may not be recording soon. Not to get anybody's hopes up or anything. Also, new shows continue to be posted! This site probably gets significantly less traffic than our other online abodes on Facebook and MySpace (not to mention iLike, Twitter, and ReverbNation), and it can get a little tiring keeping everything up-to-date... rest assured, if we have a show coming up, it'll probably be posted on at least one of our pages, somewhere. It's like a treasure hunt!
The show at the Midway may have been the coolest show we've ever played. All four bands were super-quality; many props to the Turkeys and Chaos Junkies for rocking the house, as well as a number of neighboring houses, and a special thanks to Dead Cats Dead Rats for filling in last-minute and playing the coveted after-midnight slot. Here's hoping Brian Mofo had a good birthday.
I never update this blog because blogging is for losers, OK? Cut me some slack. We're just here to rock.
The benefit at Church was a success! Thanks to everybody who came out, of course. All sorts of sweet swag was raffled off to lucky spectators, including a hockey stick and some posters by some dude named Fairey. This is to say nothing of the bands, all of which were awesome. Derek Rando was very solid and had good humor about being the only non-heavy band on the bill, while SuperPower pretty much kicked everyone's ass. The Flooding and Totem rounded out the night with a varying mix of progressive metal and power punk. How's that for a genre?

Charlie finally got a chance to hear his gear from the audience, as Dashboard Jesus required an amp and his was already up there... and it sounded awesome. B-52 may use cut-rate Chinese parts and direct soldering in their amps, but they certainly do sound good when they're not in the shop.

Also, the food at Church is amazing, and reasonably-priced for a club. They've certainly got their act together.
We won the battle (a few weeks ago)! It was awesome. All of the bands were excellent, and there were no fights until the very end of the night. Great turnout, too. Kick-ass, all in all.

In other news, we're working on new material (as always) and we will present it as it's ready. Next up: Church on Sunday, Nov. 1st. Don't worry, we're going on early, so you'll still be able to get your beauty sleep.

So, I'm a lazy (as well as omnipotent and cruel) webmaster, and one of our shows came and went without a single mention on this site. The show in question: the first round of the Battle on the Beach at Sammy's Patio on 7/16, which went pretty f'ing gangbusters honestly. We think that's a good thing.

Short: we advanced to the next round! That's pretty cool. An awesome band called Force Fed Lies also advanced that night. We'll be seeing them down the road.

We also debuted a new song at the show. It was so tight and kick-ass that it sounded like we've been playing it for years, "it" being LAUNDROMAT FIASCO. Keep your ears peeled.

Up next: McGann's near the TD Garden on Saturday 7/25, then Sammy's again for a non-Battle show on Friday 7/31.

After a relaxing few days of not needing to deal with each other, CHIN STRAP has resumed musical activities. The immediate results: several shows in the coming month, and several new songs to play at them. We will definitely be kicking it in the Boston area this time, within the city limits.
Uncle Eddie's is done and we sure had a good time, but what the hell is up with the police situation on Salisbury Beach? On our way in we saw some dude getting pulled over by three squad cars; there was a special operations van parked right on the roundabout. This ain't Detroit, guys... this is the North Shore. Lighten up.

It's about time for us to play some shows closer to Boston, eh? Manchester and Salisbury are cool, but we know where our bread is buttered.
Sammy's was awesome.

CHIN STRAP will be bringing a steaming pile of CDs to the show at Sammy's Patio next Friday. If you've ever even thought about wanting one, this is your chance.

Also, Sean, you kick ass:

Thanks to everybody who came out to support the cause at the Middle East on Friday. We had a great time, and hopefully we'll do it again soon.

On deck: Copperfield's, Jan 24th. No major holidays to contend with.
Holy shit, that was a year? New shows are now up, old shows and their photographs will be up. New audio, perhaps new video if we can track anybody down.
Happy New Years and some other shazbot. We've got a show coming up on Feb. 16th, at O'Brien's. It's a Saturday night and football season will be over. Be there or be an asshole!

Pictures and perhaps video from the previous gig might or might not be upcoming. Who really knows?

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